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Television Charity Fundraiser Abuse

Giving charity is one of the basic principals of Islam. In fact, Zakat (that which purifies or alms) is one of the five pillars of Islam. Zakat is giving a fixed portion (1/40th) of one’s wealth to the poor and needy.

During the holy month of Ramadam, when Muslims fast, they tend to give their Zakat and make more donations. People also tend to donate as a way of asking for forgiveness from God and for good health etc. All this sounds good, except as you would expect, there are people who will exploit the good nature of Muslims and abuse this money.

People of Bangladesh live in abject poverty. The ones who have migrated to the UK feel the need to send money back home. But, instead of focusing on developing their community, the money is used for feeding the poor and building Madrasa (religious school) and Mosques. This does not alleviate the poverty, instead makes the poor more dependant on charity, just like the people in e.g. Ethiopia. A lot of the money is wasted before it even gets to the needy and some are even embezzled.

Tune into any of the countless Asian/Muslim TV channels on the Sky satellite platform and you are likely to find a charity fundraiser programme. During Ramadan, it’s every day on every channel of Muslim background. There on your screen, you will see holy-men (yes just men), with their long beards, long gowns, Arab style head gears, pleading with gullible viewers to give their money to charity. Some of them have become TV personalities and household names. The Bengalis will know of one well known person, who is on their TV screen nearly every day. He likes to brag that he is a qualified barrister too! This person was nearly beaten to death by officials at a Bangladeshi airport few years ago. Just goes to show charity alone does not change the people.

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Leading British Muslim leader faces war crimes charges in Bangladesh

Bangladeshis still feel the pain of their suffering back in 1971. Justice for some may be here at last. The Telegraph reports on alleged war crimes against Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin, a British citizen who immigrated from Bangladesh after the war. I recall allegations against him for several decades and his links to UK charity Muslim Aid.

One victim says: “I have waited 40 years to see the trial of the war criminals,” said the widow, Noorjahan Seraji. “I have not spent a single night without suffering and I want justice.”

We hope there is justice and her suffering and the suffering of many others eases a little.

One of Britain’s most important Muslim leaders is to be charged with war crimes, investigators and officials have told The Sunday Telegraph.

Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin, director of Muslim spiritual care provision in the NHS, a trustee of the major British charity Muslim Aid and a central figure in setting up the Muslim Council of Britain, fiercely denies any involvement in a number of abductions and “disappearances” during Bangladesh’s independence struggle in the 1970s.

He says the claims are “politically-motivated” and false.

However, Mohammad Abdul Hannan Khan, the chief investigator for the country’s International Crimes Tribunal, said: “There is prima facie evidence of Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin being involved in a series of killings of intellectuals. Continue reading

Political Advertisements on Channel i Europe

In the past, several Bengali TV channels broadcasting from the UK have been rapped by Ofcom for breaches of broadcasting rules. I’m sure many other breaches go unnoticed, largely due to the viewers not flagging up the issue to Ofcom (via their website).

Recently, Channel S and NTV were found to have breached Ofcom rules (Bengali TV channels, Channel S and NTV in breach of Ofcom rules, again!)

Yesterday, I was shocked to see a range of political advertisement on Channel i, a Bengali satellite TV channel broadcasting to UK and Europe. It was for similar advertisements that NTV was found in breach of. One wonders if the people operating these TV channel are ‘fit and proper’ for the purpose? It also makes you wonder if such individuals have close connections to political parties originating from Bangladesh? Here is a complaint made to Ofcom with images and videos of the advertisements.

Dear Ofcom,

The Bangladeshi people around the world are used to political wrangling that takes place back home. The constant national strikes by these political parties brings the country to its knees and hinders progress. People live in fear of constant threats and violence from individuals associated with political parties. Poverty often fuels such association and motivation for violence.

A large number of Bangladeshis have left their impoverished motherland and made homes abroad, like the UK. Although Bengalis have a strong sense of nationalism due to the violet birth of their country in 1971, many of these immigrants avoid modern politics like the plague.

There are two large political parties in Bangladesh with their branches and advocates spread around the UK and the world. One of them is the Bangladesh Awami League (Awami League), the current ruling party. Its leader is Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of the founding father of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The other is the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). Its leader is Begum Khaleda Zia, the the widow of the President and former army chief Ziaur Rahman. Continue reading

Bengali TV channels, Channel S and NTV in breach of Ofcom rules, again!

Channel S in breach over impartiality rules


Channel S is a satellite TV channel aimed at Bengali speaking people in the UK and Europe. The April 2012 Ofcom bulletin makes an entertaining read, especially at the way Channel S advises Ofcom on how and when to carry out their investigation. You can read the full Ofcom report here (page 19-27). I guess Channel S bosses dream of things being like how they are in Bangladesh! Basically, Mr Samad Chowdhury, the Chairman of Channel S used the TV channel to launch a personal attack on Syed Anas Pasha, a newspaper journalist. Mr Pasha is being accused of slandering Samad Chowdhury in a newspaper. The funniest things is, Mr Samad Chowdhury also made a claim for £10 million damages for defamation as he claims to be an “important community personality”. In the internet slang term I’m “Laughing My Fucking Ass Off”!!!


Samad Chowdhury ain’t no community personality, nor is his imaginary community reputation worth a penny let alone £10 million! Even if the allegation against Mr Pasha were true, Samad Chowdhury had no rights to use Channel S as his mouthpiece to attack a newspaper reporter in such a manner where he hand picked few of his puppets from the community to strengthen this attack. The news reports on Channel S was clearly one sided as evident in the Ofcom findings.


Quoting from Ofcom report “We are concerned that the breach in this case comes after two previous contraventions of the Code rules covering due impartiality and elections recorded against Channel S in Ofcom Broadcast Bulletin 177 and Ofcom Broadcast Bulletin 188. Should there be any further breaches of the due impartiality and elections rules of the Code in future by the Licensee, we will consider taking further regulatory action.


Thank God the Bengalis living in Britain has fled such behaviours that dominates Bangladesh. Channel S claims to be leading the Bengali community in Britain. Well, let me tell you the honest truth, Channel S and its wannabe Mafia bosses drag the Bengali people backward while humiliating them.


This is not the first time they’ve breached Ofcom rules and it won’t be the last. Any Bengali with a bit of decency must report future potential breaches to Ofcom to rid their community of this media Mafia culture. I certainly will keep an eye on Channel S, not because I find the channel entertaining but simply to help the Bangladeshi community by reporting future breaches to Ofcom.


Earlier this year I raised an issue with the way I feel Channel S denigrates the memories of the victims of Bangladesh Liberation War. Numerous e-mails and letters were sent to Samad Chowdhury and Mahee Ferdous Jalil at Channel S. Not a single reply! Why? Because Channel S knows it’s the truth and they have no defence. Damn the perpetrators of genocide against the Bengalis, damn the war criminals still going unpunished, damn Samad Chowdhury, Mahee Jalil and Channel S. One day the Begalis will see light and completely reject these phoney leaders who push their own political and business agenda, while claiming to be doing the Bengali community a favour.

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