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Zionist Cameramen at Edinburgh Batsheva Protest

Shortly after the Edinburgh Batsheva Protest in August 2012, videos appeared on YouTube trying to discredit the protesters with false allegations. The videos are purported to have been taken by Harvey the Zionist undercover cameraman, then passed to his Zionist friend Richard Millett to upload with false allegations.

Richard Millett makes various false allegations against the protest at his blog. The blog is full of the usual drivels that comes out of nutty Zionists. It’s also filled with hate comments from his goon friends.

They refer to Palestine as “Fakistine“. Racist bigots such as these then play the victim. Harvey went undercover but was exposed by a protester. The protester rightly pointed out Hervey’s ill intent with the videos. Harvey then goes home and cried to his friend Richard Millet saying he was insulted!

He stood on the side of the police like a pussy cat. Later he blogged from the confines of his keyboard like a tiger. This is the style of a true coward. There were few other cameramen taking photos in cowardly manner, see photos below.

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